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Diagram of Architectural Growth in Qatar 


growth of the city timline

The city architecture is a reflection of the constant change and loss of identity.  If we don’t want a future that looks like a sci-fi movie we need to negotiate now what the change is and how the collaboration works.

“The evolution of urban space in Doha is facing a turning point that will lead to new spatial transformations that will shape a built environment reflecting its inhabitants rather than being an imposed urban shell containing them.”1

  1.  M. SALAMA, Ashraf, Florian WIEDMANN, and Alain THIERSTEIN. ‘Urban Evolution Of The City Of Doha: An Investigation Into The Impact Of Economic Transformations On Urban Structures’. METUJFA (2012): 57.Print.


  1. Thanks so much for the recent follow. Your area of research interest is of global relevance – development rapidly overtaking human sense and scale.


      Thank you for your interest, i’m hoping to shine some light on the stereotypical views of rapid development.

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