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Historical Archive Images of Qatar

Middle East Center Archive 

A historical archive of the photojournalist Jill Brown (1942-2011) documents a moment in time of qatar’s development in the late 1970’s and early 1980’s. the images ranges from simple documentation of animals, architecture, boats, crafts, doha, people, industry, people, weapons and general.

The wide range of images give you a view of life in doha during a time of vast development.

In the industry selection is a gem of documentation on the water towers construction that seems to be missing from any other source.

Water Tower Construction
Water Tower Construction

Charles butt collection is another series  of documentation from 1967 and 1973, showing aerial views, architecture and industry.

Doha from air afternoon (houses), 28 Aug 1968
Doha from air afternoon (houses), 28 Aug 1968

The collection is part of the middle east center archive at St Antony’s Collage in the UK.

The original images are 35mm color slides, they can be ordered with high resolution images on the website.

With the rapid development happening in the region there is a much larger need for documentation and preservation of our structure, cities, and culture.

Collections such as the middle east center archive give us a chance to grasp limited glimpse of our modern heritage.




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