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Qatar University Architecture in Doha

Over view of Qatar University architecture:



Qatar University in Doha by Kamal Kafrawi and consulted by Ove Arup in 1985. The architect wished to make the campus similar to an urban fabric and was inspired by the traditional architecture of the Gulf as well as the placement and formation that composes a cityscape. He understood that the local styles had evolved for a reason, they had purpose. Wind towers (badgir in Farsi or malqaf in Arabic) were heavily utilized and the buildings were closely packed together, reviving traditional methods of natural ventilation. In addition the mashrabiyah and wind towers feature arabesque screens and stained glass to control the strong Qatari sun. As a whole, the project is an excellent revival of indigenous architecture that shows appreciation and respect for the local culture.



Masterplan Concept & Sectional Drawings . Qatar University . Kamal El-Kafrawi & Ove Arup . Doha . 1985

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