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SOME COMMENTS ON QATARI ARCHITECTURE IN THE PRE- AND POST-OIL-PERIOD 120717 dAP Jaidah from ethmateo on Vimeo.   A great Lecture by Ibrahim Al Jaidah. It takes you through the history of qatar architecture through…

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Why Glass In The Desert

Researching the rapid growth architecture in Qatar from nomadic tents and vernacular mud brick structures to modern-day housing and glass utopias. What will the future hold? Will our past fad away? The rapid…

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Walter Gropius thoughts

"Whereas the practice of building is a problem of construction and of material, the essence of architecture depends on mastering the problem of space"  Walter Gropius Leave a Comment

Origins of Doha Project

The Origins of Doha Project: Online Digital Heritage Remediation and Public Outreach in a Vanishing Pearling Town in the Arabian Gulf http://Origins of Doha Project at Cultural Heritage and New Technologies, Vienna, 2015…

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Equilibrium: Public spectacle for social integration

“Equilibrium: public spectacle for social integration” by Reem Al Thani Abstract: This thesis explores the ways socio-cultural methods of integration can influence architecture, using built form as a catalyst for connection in fragmented…

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Silo Architecture In Qatar

The abandoned silo structures are part of the old airport storage. there doesn’t seem to be a lot of information out there about the origins, owners, architects or intent. however some have ventured…

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