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Scout by Sophia Al-Maria

“Scout” is first of a series called “The Breakers”. They are based on the great breakwaters laid in interlocking bundles along the coasts of the Arabian Gulf. In the late 70s and early 80s, Qatar began the process of land reclamation with the aid of these huge concrete objects to raise new buildings and skyscrapers.They are a temporary solution to the inevitable approach of the future and the irrevocable loss of the past. This makes them ultimate objects of denial – powerful but unnoticed symbols of this historical moment in the Gulf.

When visiting Scout, you are invited to place your ear to the surface as you would a seashell. The echoing voice inside is an Arabic excerpt from the 1977 Voyager spacecraft’s golden record of sounds from Earth and it’s inhabitants.
“.تحياتنا للأصدقاء في النجوم. يا ليت يجمعنا الزمان
Greetings to our friends in the stars. May time bring us together.” 

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