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Souq Waqif: Adaptive Reuse

The renovation and restoration of Souq Waqif is one of the largest adaptive reuse projects in Qatar.

souq waqif, doha
Plan of Doha in 1887 illustrating the water running through the Souq and the urban fabric surrounding it.
Souq= Market or bazzar.
Waqif = Standing


souq waqif timeline
Timeline of Souq waqif life from 1766 AD to the renovation in 2008.

Historical views


Areal view
Areal view of the souq and developing urban fabric surrounding it.
souq shop images
Different views of the souq shops and alleyways. On the bottom left: the oldest hotel in Doha, which was renovated  in to boutique hotel today with the same name.



Aerial view of the city and the decrease of the water running into the souq.


Image from the 1960’s showing the development from standing stalls to each shop with awning and cars driving around. also a second floor was added and worker housing.

Adaptive Reuse Methodology:


The restoration plans and methodology.


New site plan:

Over all plan of the souq keeping the same function which creating a new public organized urban plan.
After renovation the souq’s main water route is cover and subtly marked with the stone floor.
Bismila hotel renovated.
Architectural traditional construction details.
Major external unification intervention.
Activation of the souq with different shops and activities throughout the year.
Alleyways filled with products and details of the past and present.
Architectural details of the different interventions


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